********* Latest Release is NOD32 Offline Update 6686 (20111205) *********

Got NOD32 v3.0 | v4.0 | v4.2 (AV or SmartSecurity) and no internet conection…
NOD32 Offline Update will find your %SystemDrive% and create the correct folder, put the latest virus def’s and module files in it (delete older files if present) then change the update server details in the registry; (no manually setting up server) so all you have to do is click “update” in NOD32.

NOD32 Offline Update 66xx will update the following:
Virus signature database:
Advanced heuristics module:
Anti-Stealth support module:
Archive support module:
Update module:
Cleaner module:
Personal firewall module:
Antispam module:
Antivirus and antispyware scanner module:

Update to NOD32 Offline Update 6686 (20111205) below.
App pic

RAR File MD5 Hash: 7EC2A069CB5EEFEEFC649A69779E4C22

Compatable with:
NOD32 Smart Security v3.0.xxx (all versions)
NOD32 Antivirus v3.0.xxx (all versions)
NOD32 Smart Security v4.0.xxx (all versions)
NOD32 Antivirus v4.0.xxx (all versions)
NOD32 Smart Security v4.2.xxx (all versions)
NOD32 Antivirus v4.2.xxx (all versions)


33 Responses to “NOD32 Offline Update”

  1. quidz said

    Thank You SIR Whi51eRz

  2. raihan said

    hi, thnx for update.

  3. m4f1050 said

    Figured it out. My windows default drive is D: (changed during a windows re-install), changed it to D:\ and it worked. Great job!

  4. whi5t1er said

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. sunnybor said

    update will not pass 02/12. Any new offline update ?? Thanks

  6. whi5t1er said

    tomorrow, thanks

  7. Anonymous said

    thanks thanks thanks

  8. mahj said

    thanks thanks thanks for update!

  9. sunnybor said

    thank you very much for update

  10. calipigia said

    Thanks man!

    You saved my day!


  11. m4f1050 said

    whistler is there a way to specify where to uncompress files? I am updating 3 computers via network and I have to manually move files from C:\NOD_upd to my network drive. I want to automate this a little more and just update 1 place. 🙂

  12. Zeze said

    thanks…i can’t say…just thanks…thanks

  13. 19monkey80 said

    thanks whi5t1er! saves a lot of offline pc’s from viruses. hope to expect for more updates in the future. Good job!

  14. mirtes_99 said

    thx. put some ads. we will click… you deserve it:D

  15. Anonymous said


  16. Azura said

    Do u have new update?

  17. prospect said

    do u have new update?
    we wait

  18. whi5t1er said

    updated today, thanks Guys.

  19. Shady Ahmed said

    many thanks 🙂

  20. wim said

    thx 4 share.. but.. can You upload to indowebster.com? cz i’m from Indonesia.. 😦

  21. cheedo said

    thank you SOOO MUCH
    but, is there any way you can make a program that anyone can download, and run so that we can get these updates, rather than having to use our browser every time? it would be a million times easier, thanks mann!!
    PS, i kno programming stuff like that is pretty hard, but i have faith in you 😉

  22. whi5t1er said

    Hi cheedo, I’m at a bit of a loss with the problem of running a browser. The ONLY difference would be that “the new App” would get the Defs from ESET servers… instead of getting my App, (App being around 547KB so only add’s a few seconds to the download)

  23. whi5t1er said

    Hi WIM, Sorry could not use indowebster, i have uploaded it to Easy Share in the hope you may get this?

    Download HERE:
    http://www.easy-share.com/1903788152/~NOD32 v3.0 Offline Update 3882 (20090223) ~.rar

  24. Hey buddy can you please upload those files in mediafire.com please its free and gives resume in downloading. Please buddy.

  25. vtek said

    Thank u my man for the update. I always come here for the all the latest offline update files.

  26. whi5t1er said

    vtek, many thanks for the comment… glad you will re-visit.

  27. jamestts said

    hi there….i’m very glad that u always update the defination. may i ask, can i use ur rapid link or etc put to my website??? so that my visitor also can use ur offline updater, cause now i’m only use the eav account to update……do mail me as a reply!!! thx for all ur effort!!!!

  28. Joe CooL said

    Where do you come from??what is your nationality???you are such an awesome guy…keep upload great stuff,guy!!!!!GBU


    Hi Mr.whi5t1er you are the real genius i think ……………………u are great..!

  30. bagol said

    hey. you are awesome.

  31. danish said

    its great site pls dont band it

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